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Raspberry and cherry liqueur

Recipe for raspberry and cherry liqueur

Recipe for raspberry and cherry liqueur

Raspberry-cherry liqueur combines sweetness of raspberries and tartness of cherries. It has a beautiful purple color.

  • 1 kg raspberries
  • ½ kg seedless cherries
  • ½ kg of sugar
  • 1 litre of spirit 95%

Place raspberries in a dish and sprinkle with sugar. Wait until they release their juice. Every day shake the jar. When the sugar dissolves completely, collect the juice and gently squeeze the raspberries through gauze.

Pour the cherries into a clean container and pour the spirit and leave it for a month. After this time, collect the tincture, which should be combined with raspberry syrup. If it seems that the tincture is too strong you can add vodka. Pour into bottles, cork them and leave for three months to clarify. After this time, pour off the sediment, filter and set aside to mature. Cherry and raspberry liqueur is best after six months of ageing.

Pour vodka over the cherries used in the liqueur. After a month you will get a tasty tincture

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