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Tasting at home - how to recognize a good wine?

Why does price not always indicate quality?

As we mentioned above, you cannot completely determine the quality of a wine based solely on how much you have to pay for a bottle. Many factors influence the price, including the producer, the origin (history, production process, etc.) or the intermediaries. The only thing that can justify a high price in relation to quality are special markings on the label. For example, if we are looking at a bottle of wine from France, and the label says "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée", we can be sure that the beverage is worth its price. The signature proves that the wine has passed a series of extremely rigorous and expensive quality tests. Very few wines receive the AOC title, so in this situation we can be sure that we have an excellent wine.

What flavor characterizes a good semi-dry red wine, for example?

Sometimes just looking at a bottle is not enough to determine the quality of a wine. The best way to really discern if a wine is good is by tasting it. The first thing to look for is the intensity of the flavors. A good semi-dry red wine should have a distinct flavor from the first sip. It should be easily perceptible and remain in the mouth for a while. Wines that are diluted will naturally have less flavor than good quality spirits. The length of time the flavour lingers in the mouth is also an indicator of the quality of the wine - the longer, the better.

What else distinguishes an excellent beverage?

The bouquet of a wine should be complex. This means that it should not taste flat and one-dimensional. Good quality wines have many "layers". There is always something intangible about them that makes each sip different from the last. Hand in hand with complexity is balance. The components of a wine must complement each other. If one of them dominates, it is a sign of a not very good wine.

The smell is also important. What do we smell when we smell a semi-dry red wine? Strong fruity notes, such as currants or grapefruit? An aroma of oak, subtle and underlying all the other scents? Or is there a barely perceptible aroma present, resembling a random mixture of different liquids? Good wines have a strong but pleasant aroma. From this scent alone you can determine how the wine will taste. Just like flavours, aromas should also be present in the bouquet.

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