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Quince liqueur (Pigwówka)

Recipe for quince pie

Recipe for quince pie

Quince or quince tincture (quince is a tree whose fruits are less aromatic than those of quince - a small shrub). The fruits of quince and quince have a lot of vitamin C and the tincture made from these fruits is very aromatic and sour in taste.

  • 1 kg of quince or quince fruit (quince fruit is definitely better - it is more aromatic)
  • ½ kg sugar (or honey)
  • ½ litre of spirit 95%
  • ½ litre of vodka 40%

Ripe fruits wash, cut into cubes, discard the seeds, pour the spirits. Set aside for a month. Every few days shake the jar. After a month pour off the liquor, cover the fruit with sugar, close tightly. After a week (the sugar should dissolve completely) pour off the syrup and combine with the liqueur. Pour the liqueur into bottles and cork it. The quince tincture should mature for about three months.

The quince in the jar after pouring the syrup can be added again with vodka for five weeks (do not sweeten). You will get a pretty good extra batch of quince tincture this way.

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