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Mirabelle plum liqueur

Recipe for mirabelle liqueur

Recipe for mirabelle liqueur

Mirabelles are plums very widespread in our country. In addition to orchards, you can often find them along roadsides, in gardens where they do well. It fruits very willingly, often bending under the weight of plums. The yellow or red fruits are suitable for making liqueurs.

  • 1 kg mirabelle plums
  • 0,75 l spirit 95%
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 0.5 litres of water
  • piece of lemon or 2 cloves or a piece of vanilla pod (your choice)

Wash and stone the plums. Put them in a jar and sprinkle with sugar. Leave it for about a week for the sugar to dissolve. Pour the spirit and the chosen spice. Close the jar tightly and leave it for a month. Pour off the liquor and pour water over fruits, which after a week combine with the liquor. Set aside for a month to liquefy. Clear liqueur filter and pour into bottles.

Mirabelle plum tincture has a sour taste and a beautiful lemon color.

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