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Lemon or orange peel liqueur

Recipe for orange peel tincture

Recipe for orange peel tincture

Orange and lemon peels often end up in the waste bin. If you have a bottle of vodka and a piece of ginger root at hand, you can make a warming tincture that's perfect for autumn and winter evenings.

  • the peels of two oranges or lemons
  • 2 dag of fresh ginger root
  • 0,7 l vodka
  • approximately 0,25 kg of sugar

Combine citrus peels peeled of aldebo (white layer) with sliced ginger and infuse with alcohol for a week. After a week, pour off the liquor and sweeten as desired. You may not add sugar at all. This will produce a bitter, dry tincture. The tincture requires clarification for a month. As with any ginger liqueur, orange or lemon peel liqueur precipitates sediment and requires filtering.

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