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Blackcurrant liqueur (smorodinowka)

Recipe for blackcurrant tincture

Recipe for blackcurrant tincture

Black currants have long been known for their healing properties. They have a large amount of vitamins, especially C and PP. They have anti-inflammatory, diuretic and diaphoretic properties. They are used to treat urinary tract and bladder diseases, gastritis and intestinal disorders.

Inhabitants of the Eastern Borderlands, in order to preserve the medicinal properties of black currant, developed a tincture called smorodinówka. Its name comes from the word smorodina - a borderland term for black currant. In the initial period of ageing, smorodinówka has a dark red color, which later turns into purple. It has beneficial effects in digestive disorders, upper respiratory tract infections, sore throat and it tastes excellent.

  • 1 kg blackcurrant fruit
  • 1 litre of spirit 70%
  • ½ kg of sugar

Ripe fruits wash and clean the stalks and peduncles. Pour the spirit and leave it for a month in a warm place. After this time, collect the infusion and pour sugar over the fruit, shake the jar every few days. After obtaining syrup (it takes about a week, the sugar must dissolve completely) collect the syrup and mix it with the infusion. After filtering, pour into bottles. Currant liqueur is best after six months of ageing.

When preparing currant tincture, you can add spices: cloves, cinnamon, vanilla to fruits drenched in spirit. Currant tincture tastes good also with multiflower honey. When preparing syrup, add ¼ kg of sugar and a spoonful of honey.

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