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Hawthorn tincture

Recipe for hawthorn tincture

Recipe for hawthorn tincture

Hawthorn bushes are found throughout the country. Its fruits are used in pharmacy to treat heart disease. It is therefore worth supplementing the home medicine cabinet with the tincture, the consumption of which is much more pleasant than taking medicines.

  • 2,5 kg of hawthorn fruit
  • 2 litres of alcohol 50%
  • ½ lemon
  • ½ litre of honey
  • mandarin
  • the dried rind of ¼ lemon

Freeze the hawthorn fruits for at least two weeks. Divide into two parts and put into two jars. Pour honey into the first one for a week. Frequently move the jar. After a week, pour 1 liter of alcohol, put slices of lemon and tangerine (citrus should be peeled and stripped of albedo and seeds). Leave for three weeks.

In the second jar hawthorn pour a liter of alcohol leave for 3 weeks, add lemon peel and leave for another week. Both liquors pour off the sediment and combine. Set aside to clarify for 3 months. After this time, filter and leave to age for 6 months.

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