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Nalewka wiśniowa (cherry liqueur)

Recipe for cherry liqueur

Recipe for cherry liqueur

Cherry tincture is one of the most popular tinctures. Ready-made tinctures are available on sale, but it's certainly more fun to make your own.

  • 1.5 kg cherries
  • 1 litre of spirit 70%
  • ½ vanilla stick
  • ½ kg of sugar

Washed cherries, put into a jar, add vanilla pod and pour alcohol. You can also add the peel from a quarter of a lemon (without the white peel) or a few almonds (without the peel). Close the jar tightly and let it stand for a month, shake the jar from time to time. After a month, pour off the liquor, strain the fruit. Prepare a syrup of sugar and a glass of water. Combine the still-warm syrup with the infusion. Set aside to liquefy for three months. After this time, filter the liqueur and leave it to mature for six months.

When preparing cherry liqueur you can add less sugar. You will then obtain a more dry beverage. It should be remembered, however, that sugar makes a strong spirit-based beverage will not hurt the palate. You can make cherry vodka from frozen cherries, which after defrosting are treated as fresh.

Cherry liqueur is an excellent ingredient for drinks. It goes well with orange, grapefruit or banana juice.

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