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Raspberry and cranberry liqueur

Recipe for raspberry-cranberry liqueur

Recipe for raspberry-cranberry liqueur

Raspberry and cranberry tincture requires you to put in the work. But the effort is worth it. Raspberry and cranberry liqueur is a delicious dark-red beverage, in which sweetness of raspberries soothes astringency of cranberries.

  • 0.5 litres of raspberries
  • 1 litre of cranberries
  • spirit 95%
  • sugar

Pour the spirit over the raspberries in a jar so that they are covered and set aside for a month in a dark place. Grind the cranberries in a meat grinder. Put them in the jar. For each liter of cranberry pulp add ¼ liter of spirit. Close and leave for a month.

After a month, pour off both liquors through a sieve lined with linen. At this stage do not combine the tinctures, but each should stand for about 2 weeks for the liquid to clear. Pour the clear liquor over the sediment. Combine the raspberry and cranberry liqueurs. For each litre of the resulting tincture, add 20-30 dag of sugar dissolved in the slightly warmed part of the tincture. Set aside in a dark place for three months. After this time, the tincture must be filtered and set aside to mature. Ideally for at least six months.

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