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Recipe for ratafia tincture

Ratafia - recipe for tincture

Ratafia is a unique liqueur made from seasonal fruit, which is added to macerate as it ripens. Its taste, colour and aroma depends on the fruit used and the imagination of the producer.

To make ratafia, you need a wide-necked balloon or a very large jar and plenty of 70% spirit. Fruit is added to the jar as it ripens. You should always add about the same amount of fruit. They may be weighed or measured by volume. After adding more fruit, add spirit so that the fruit is covered. Usually strawberries, cherries, cherries, gooseberries, currants, plums, pears, rosehips, blackthorn, chokeberries, and hawthorn are added to the ratafia. Do not add elderberry blossoms and fruit or pine shoots, because their smell and taste will dominate the tincture. After adding the last portion of fruit, the tincture is macerated for a month and then poured over with sugar. When the sugar dissolves (it takes about a month), pour off the syrup and combine with the tincture. Leave the tincture to settle for 3 months. Pour the clear liqueur off the sediment and leave it to mature for about six months.

The remaining fruits can be poured into vodka and after a month you can enjoy a tasty fruit liqueur

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