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Peach liqueur

Recipe for peach liqueur

Recipe for peach liqueur

Peaches are very tasty fruits containing carbohydrates, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium compounds, provitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins. They are most often eaten raw, but it is worth preserving their taste in a tincture, which smells of fresh peaches and has a golden colour.

  • 1,5 kg peaches
  • 1,5 spirit 95%
  • 50 dag of sugar
  • 2 g of citric acid

Mix the spirit with 0.5 litre of water and leave for 24 hours. Cut the ripe sheep into eights and pour the alcohol over them for eight weeks. Shake the jar for some time. After two months, pour off the liquor and gently squeeze the fruit. Prepare a syrup of sugar and 0.6 liters of water. While still warm, combine the syrup with the peach liqueur and leave to stand for 3 months.

You can make apricot tincture in the same way.

A disadvantage of peach and apricot nalewka is the precipitation of sediment. It may therefore be necessary to filter the nalewka several times (after three months of ageing and later after six months).

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