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Grape liqueur

Recipe for grape tincture

Recipe for grape tincture

Grapes are a grateful fruit for creating liquors. In addition to wines, you can make a delicious tincture from them, which perfectly captures the flavor and sweetness of these fruits.

  • 1 kg dark grapes
  • 1 l spirit 70%
  • 0,5 kg of sugar or liquid multi-flower honey
  • spices: several cloves, half a vanilla stick

Ripe grapes wash and peel off the stalks. Put into the jar together with spices and pour with alcohol. Set aside for a month in a warm place, every few days shake the jar. After that time, pour off the liquor and cover the fruits in the jar with sugar or pour honey. Leave in a warm place for about two weeks for the sugar (honey) to dissolve completely. Pour off the grape syrup and combine with the previously obtained liqueur. The liqueur should mature for about 3 months. It may require filtering.

The color of the grape liqueur depends on the color of the fruit used (dark fruit liqueur looks nicer). It is very aromatic with a hint of bitterness.

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